Damian Medical Centre - Friendly Hospital

Damian Medical Centre - Friendly Hospital

Hospital - Outpatient Clinic - Diagnostics
Walbrzyska 46, Warsaw 
T: (+48 22) 566 2222

The Damian Medical Center was founded in April 1994 by Damian Płoszczyński. From the very beginning he planned to create not only a multispecialist outpatient clinic but also – and above all – a private hospital that would offer the patient services of the highest quality and comfortable conditions. This idea was implemented at the end of 1994, when the first private hospital in Warsaw – the DAMIAN HOSPITAL – was opened at the outpatient clinic.

Nowadays the Damian Medical Center has 40 hospital beds in single or double rooms, 3 operation theatres, an obstetrics and gynecology clinic, general medicine and surgery departments and two multispecialist outpatient clinics. Over 2,500 operations are carried out, about 400 babies are delivered and about 200,000 consultations are given every year.

Besides full-range hospital care and full-range surgery possibilities, the Damian Medical Center offers diagnostics with complex laboratory support, endoscopy (gastroscopy, colonoscopy, rectoscopy, arthroscopy), ultrasound (3-D US), X-rays, computed tomography, mammography, densitometry, ophthalmology, cardiology diagnostics (echocardiography, stress test, holter examinations) and dental care.

Damian Quality

From the very beginning of its existence, the Center has attached particular importance not only to the service quality (assessed according to international standards) but also to the quality of the patient-personnel relationship. Certificates and accreditations awarded to the Center in the year 2005 and in previous years, such as the Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2000 awarded to the Damian Center by the Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance in 2003; the European Medal awarded by the European Integration Committee and by the Business Centre Club for the Hospital and Outpatient services; and the Accreditation Certificate awarded by the Center for Quality Monitoring in Healthcare Systems in 2002, along with high position of the Center in healthcare institutions rankings, are the evidence of success achieved by the Damian Center in both fields.

The Damian Hospital participates in the program "Safe Patient", whose purpose is to improve the system eliminating any situations that may pose at risk patient's health and life, irrespective of his/her medical condition. According to recommendations of the World Health Organization and of the European Health Committee this program is realized in many hospitals worldwide, among others in Australia, in the United States and in the Scandinavian countries.

Medical Tourism & the Offer

Medical Tourism is a novelty on the Polish market. Its essence is combination of active recreation with medical services.

The Damian Hospital offers a wide range of medical services that can be carried out "by the way" during a stay in Poland. These services may "accompany" sightseeings, SPA recreation or a private visit.

General Surgery Health Check-up
Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine Ophtalmology
Laryngology Orthopaedics
Neurosurgery Dental Surgery



T: (+48 22) 566 2222
T: (+48 22) 319 0606

Hospital - Outpatient Clinic - Diagnostics:
Walbrzyska 46, Warsaw
Opening Hours:
SUN 10AM - 3PM - duty hours of selected specialists.

The hospital is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Outpatient Clinics:

Foksal 3/5, Warsaw 
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MON-FRI 7:30AM - 8PM

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