Ah! The Inn under the Red Hog

Cuisine: Polish, Polish

Zelazna 68, Warsaw

T: (+48 22) 850 3144

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Ah! The Inn under the Red Hog - „Oberża Pod Czerwonym Wieprzem"

The last secret of PRL (People’s Republic of Poland)…”

In Warsaw Wola district, on the corner of Zelazna and Chlodna streets, in the Warsaw business centre nearby the Radisson, Westin and Hilton hotels, a popular restaurant has been celebrating its fame for 2 years already. Its climate, character and delicious meals please guests from all over the world.

The restaurant is called „The Inn under the Red Hog” and it is definitely a unique place – large, noisy with old Polish songs, serving big portions of traditional Polish meals and additionally decorated in a communist style of People’s Republic of Poland.

The place in which our today’s restaurant is located really used to be an Inn during the communist time in Poland. The former place used to be called “Iron Inn” and it used to be a popular place of dignitaries and bourgeoisie of that time. Soon it received a nickname “The Inn under the Red Hog”.

The place has been successfully reconstructed and it now mixes climates of former “Lenin” Inn with rich, social-realistic kitsch of 70s, elements from “Lesniczowka” (popular hunting region of communist dignitaries) and propaganda materials from the communist time.

Splendour interiors – crystal chandeliers, golden frames, portraits of dignitaries, abundant meals and the best drinks, all in contrast with outside decoration – propaganda posters motivating people to work and to fight the capitalism.

However, the restaurant is not making fun of anybody. It is rather a satire of those, fortunately, already past times. Thanks to its originality and authentic atmosphere the Inn have become a culinary (and even export) hit of Warsaw.

Proletarians, dignitaries and bourgeoisie of the world come! 


Our original menu is entertaining and it lets you to remind the good old times of Warsaw gastronomy and to taste a popular meals of the former guests among which, as the legend says, used to be also such stars as Lenin, Castro, Brezhnev or Mao Tse-Tung.

This is your chance to taste various unusual meals such as „Bliny of Wolodia”, “Boar’s Zrazy a’la Tito”, “Fidel’s Cigars”, “Erich’s Pork Knuckle”, “Seta and jelly” or “Pyzy from Rozyk” all accompanied by a good beer.


Additional Attractions

Summer Garden
During the summer time we also serve our guests in our summer garden
for up to 150 people.

Opening Hours & Reservations

Daily form 12PM till 12AM

T: (+48 22) 850 3144


Catering Services

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is unbelievable! The "Red Hog" is going to move you back in time to PRL (People’s Republic of Poland), where all leaders and the working class are going to celebrate together at the tables full of meals.

We organize any kind of events:

  • Business Meetings
  • Corporate Events
  • Standing parties
  • Cocktail parties
  • Thematic Events in PRL climate
    and not only!
  • Family Events
  • Meeting with friends
  • Professional Catering
  • Picnics
  • First Communion
    and Weddings.

Inn Under The Red Pig is located in the business centre of Warsaw. We have 3 air-conditioned rooms for all together 200 people for banquets or 500 for buffets. During the summer, we also open our summer garden for up to 150 people.

We are also ready to organize for you: live concert, thematic events, pretty hostesses and many other attractions. Also, we have a stage with professional sound and multimedia equipment.

We will be happy to meet your most demanding expectations and to organize an unforgettable event for you. We heartily invite you!